Emigrating to a new country can provide you with a wealth of exciting new experiences and opportunities – but when it comes to arranging your international finances, it can be stressful too! Here at Hermex, we understand that when you’re emigrating you need all of your foreign payments to be conducted in the simplest, most efficient manner possible – and we’re here to help.

Whether you’re purchasing property, setting up a business or paying bills, we can help you to exchange your currency at the most advantageous available rate, on a one-off or regular basis, with all of the information you’ll need to choose the best payment process for your needs. You’ll have a designated dealer assigned to your account, and you’ll be able to speak to them directly whenever you like. There are no switchboards and no international call centres – just quick and simple answers to your questions, from the people with the best understanding of the details of your account.

Why make my international payments with Hermex?

  1. We’ve been established since 2009 and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry
  2. Our registration process is quick, simple, and notably, free of charge
  3. We don’t issue any fees, charges or commissions on your payments, so you get to retain as much of your currency as possible
  4. We assign a designated dealer to every one of our client accounts, so you’ll have a dedicated, experienced contact to speak to whenever you need to make a payment
  5. Our compliance is exemplary and we’re authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of payment services, registered with HM Revenue and Customs and the United Kingdom Money Transmitters Association

If you want to know more about making overseas payments with Hermex, give us a call on 0207 856 2490 or email forex@hermexfx.com

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