Buying property abroad

On deciding to purchase an overseas property in the Caribbean, a private individual was referred to Hermex to change his currency for the property purchase. He was keen in securing a very competitive U.S. Dollar rate for his transaction. After a discussion with an account executive at Hermex he decided to register as a client in order to obtain the competitive rate he was after.


Private client bought a 3 Bed Villa in the Caribbean
Purchase Price USD$ 200,000
Bank quoted USD$ to GBP Rate: 1.4880
Using the bank would have cost GBP£ 134,408.60 to buy USD$ 200,000
Hermex quoted USD$ to GBP Rate: 1.55
Using Hermex GBP£ 129,032.25 to buy USD$ 200,000

Clients’ saving was: GBP£ 5,376.35

Buying any kind of property can be stressful enough without having to consider exchange rates. Hermex can help eliminate this extra strain by offering a competitive exchange rate, informing you of the important numbers and by minimizing unnecessary costs associated with exchanging currencies.

With our highly experienced account managers, we can assist in making currency exchanging a straightforward, stress-free process. To talk to an expert please contact us by calling +44 (0) 207 856 2490 or by email at


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