By definition, a treasury is a department or place where currency and special items (such as precious metals or other valuable goods) are kept, stored and protected – indeed, where they are treasured!

This department is normally looked after by the head of treasury (known as the treasurer), and is central to any financial business, but particularly one which focuses on sending money abroad.

Here at Hermex, our treasury is much more than just a department – it is the core of our business and an integral part of the service we provide.

Currency is at the center of everything we do as an international payment business. We provide the best possible exchange rates in the market and implement extremely efficient payment methods.

However, our treasury department differs from the conventional definition in one key way – we do not deal with any physical currency. Here at Hermex, our expertise is in sending overseas payments across the globe and our treasury department is filled with market knowledge rather than notes and coins.

Why? Because we are a specialist deliverable foreign exchange business, and this enables us to provide a simplified, streamlined payment process to all of our corporate and independent clients, regardless of the size of their business or their payment. Our advanced systems and high levels of knowledge and market experience enable all of our payments to be executed as quickly and efficiently as possible, making your international payment smooth and stress free.

Our treasury department is expertly managed, organised and maintained by a Head of Treasury with years of experience and a vast wealth of foreign payment knowledge.

If you’ve got any questions about the treasury here at Hermex, or any other aspect of our international payment services, please call 0207 856 2490 or email

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