Dealing floor

Here at Hermex, our dealing floor is at the center of our entire operation. Located in our executive offices in London’s financial district, our dealing floor is the hub of our business – it’s where every single one of our global payments takes place. As a premier global payment provider, our dealing floor is vibrant, bright and always exceptionally busy.

Dedicated to providing exceptional service

The dealing floor is constantly occupied by our driven, dedicated account managers: highly experienced dealers who are appointed to manage the accounts of each Hermex client. Our dedicated dealers spend their time managing the high volumes of business that Hermex maintains; liaising with clients, keeping track of the constantly fluctuating exchange rates and market news, but most importantly, coordinating a variety of global payments.

Opening the door to countries around the world

The Hermex dealing floor operates an open door policy for clients to visit and sends global currency payments daily to all corners of the globe. We can help you trade efficiently with China, the US, and many other countries around the world. Our dedicated dealers work directly from the dealing floor to help our clients make:

✔  Spot contracts – the exchange is made ‘on the spot’

✔  Forward contracts – the exchange is made in the future, but at today’s rate

✔  Market orders – the exchange is made in the future, but only if the rate has achieved an agreed level

…all at the most agreeable rate available at that time or, in the case of forward contracts at the proposed time in the future.

Whether you’re making a one-off or regular global payment with Hermex, you can be sure that every single payment is made with the priorities of our clients in mind. Our dealing floor is fully equipped to meet the needs of everyone from an individual private client or SME to the biggest multinational corporate client, and we have a wealth of experience dealing with all.

Top class

Powered by FxPro, our top of the range technology and extensive levels of knowledge and experience, you can be assured that our market information is always in-depth, accurate and up to the minute, giving you the best opportunities to exchange currency and make payments at the right time to preserve profits for you or your business.

Unlike many of our competitors, we take a proactive, not reactive approach to the global payment process, and believe that this is the key to our on-going success.

Got a question about Hermex’s dealing floor, or any other aspect of our global currency payment options? Call us on 0203 026 4030 or email for more information.

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