About us

Helping you to cross the boundaries of commerce

Our name is derived from the Greek terms Herm/Hermes – in Greek mythology, Hermes is the Olympian god of boundaries and of the travellers who cross them, of weights and measures, of invention, of general trade and commerce. As a principle provider of expert international payment services, we can help you to bridge those boundaries and ensure that your payments overseas are conducted in the most advantageous manner possible.

For more information about any of Hermex’s foreign currency payment options, please call us on 0207 856 2490 or email forex@hermexfx.com

Moving your money across the globe

Hermex is a business with one sole purpose: to make your international currency payments as simple and cost effective as possible.

It is a given that we will deliver our clients the best possible rates of exchange, but our business core is built on a much more solid foundation than just offering the best price in the market.

We’re a well-established, trusted and highly experienced name in the foreign exchange industry and we offer a straightforward, proactive service. Whether you’re a business paying for foreign services or an individual making investments overseas, we can help you choose the best currency solution to meet your needs, and mitigate risk against adverse currency fluctuations that may affect you or your business.

With any currency transaction we understand that timing can be the key driver to delivering our clients the service they desire. Our true value as a business is helping our clients time the execution of their international payments to take advantage of peaks and troughs within the market, providing the best possible savings.

Personalised services – worldwide capabilities

Our smart, professional trading offices are located in the heart of the Financial District in the centre of the City of London, providing a vibrant, high energy base for our overseas payments to take place.

We work with a select customer base of businesses and individual clients to help them send payments advantageously to a wide number of different countries across the globe. Maintaining a select base of clients allows us to provide a completely personalised service tailored to the needs of each individual, but still with large enough economies of scale to provide some of the most competitive rates you’ll find anywhere on the market.

Why choose Hermex’s exclusive service to make your international payments?

  1. We are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of payment services
  2. We offer a quick, simple registration process
  3. There are no fees, commissions or charges from us when using our service
  4. We’re not a bank – our business is foreign exchange and we are dedicated entirely to the service we provide, so our levels of knowledge and experience are second to none
  5. Our exchange rates are highly competitive and favourable when compared with banks and other currency providers
  6. You’ll be assigned your own designated dealer, who you’ll have direct access to whenever you need it. They’ll deal exclusively with your account and can help you with everything from choosing a foreign exchange contract to transferring your funds
  7. We provide you with all the up-to-the minute market data you need to make an informed choice between the currency products available to you (your choice of spot contracts, forward contracts or market orders)
  8. We have stringent levels of compliance and risk management across every aspect of our business, including insurance on your funds
  9. All monies are held in segregated, client accounts for ultimate peace of mind
  10. Our services are completely client focused and tailored to your specific requirements
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