Overseas business

We understand that successful businesses often have a large body of employees, many of whom could be based overseas. Employees may need to be paid in the home currency and, thus, exchanging currency is essential to large global companies. Making such quantities of overseas payments in lots of different currencies can significantly reduce the value of your money if it is not exchanged efficiently.

Expanding your business into the global market

This can be a bold and daunting step, but perhaps essential for the success of the company. Competing at a global level may give you better access to a greater amount of resources for a cheaper price. It also increases the quantity of consumers that you may target. Expanding your business abroad will potentially involve the employment of workers overseas. Making use of local knowledge may indeed further your company’s chances of success in overseas markets. Whether your business expansion means that you are making payments to locals or to employees that have moved with the company, it will be necessary that you convert currencies prior to paying them wages.

Problems your business may face

By neglecting to exchange currencies wisely prior to making overseas payment, you put yourself at risk of fluctuating exchange rates devaluing your money unnecessarily. Furthermore, if you are losing out to bad exchange rates in a number of currencies and on a regular basis, you are losing money that could be used to invest in your company’s success. Exchanging currencies at the right time would enable you to maximise your money and allow you to focus on the needs of your company.

The solution

Any company looking for a reliable, experienced international payment provider with a wealth of knowledge and expertise need look no further than Hermex. We understand the needs of businesses of all sizes and work closely with our clients to ensure that every foreign payment that they make is advantageous to them and their company, enabling them to retain as much profit as possible. We’ve been trading since 2009 and our day-to-day business is assisting companies of varying sizes with their regular and one-off overseas payments – why not see if we could help you too?

Why choose Hermex to help you manage your overseas business payments?

  1. Registration is quick, simple and straightforward – depending on your requirements, you could even set up your account and start trading on that same day
  2. We don’t charge any fees or commissions on your international currency payments
  3. We’ll assign an experienced dedicated dealer to your business account, so that you have a consistent point of contact throughout your transactions
  4. We have a range of flexible payment options, including same day payments, spot contracts, forward contracts and market orders
  5. We deal directly with our counterparties in volume, so we can offer you favourable rates when compared with many other banks and payment providers
  6. We take a proactive approach to compliance and risk management, and operate segregated client accounts to keep your funds safe throughout the process

For more information about any aspect of Hermex’s overseas business offering, or any other feature of our foreign payment services, please call 0207 856 2490 or email forex@hermexfx.com

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