Market watch

Every business that’s operating overseas wants to exchange their money in the most advantageous manner possible – but monitoring the foreign exchange market is a full time job. That’s why we created our market watch service – it is the ideal solution for any business or individual that wants to make advantageous global payments without having to devote their entire working day to deciphering rates and fluctuations.

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Our Market Watch service allows you to concentrate on your core business, while we monitor the market on your behalf. We’ll assign a designated dealer to your Hermex account who will be in touch whenever any movements occur in the market that may affect you, and inform you of the various options available if you decide you’d like to go ahead and make a payment.

They’ll also be available to you directly over the phone, so if you have any questions you can call them, safe in the knowledge that there’ll be no voicemails, no switchboards and no foreign dial outs – just one to one contact with the person who understands your account the best. Whatever amount and whichever currency you want to exchange, we can help you to make payments without fees, at the best possible rate at the time.

If you’d like to take advantage of Hermex’s Market Watch service, either on an individual or corporate basis, please complete the following form and activate today!

Got a question about our Market Watch service, or any other aspect of Hermex’s global payment solutions? Give us a call 0203 026 4030 or email – we’ll be more than happy to help.

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