Case studies

We work with all industries and sectors, saving them money on international payments.

Fashion industry currency exchange

Hermex account executive contacted a company in the fashion industry a few months back to introduce Hermex services. After an informative conversation regarding the potential savings and the services Hermex could provide, the company where keen to receive more information about Hermex and was interested to compare rates thereafter.

A few days later the company wanted to compare rates on a payment of 1.5 Million Euros to pay their supplier in Portugal.

After comparing historic rates given by their previous currency provider it was established that the company could have potentially saved Thousands on their transactions.

The company decided to open a Hermex account and started saving on their payments instantly. Now, the company is happy that the rate they receive is the most competitive with no transfer fees. The payment is sent the same day, and the company knows they are kept up to date with any currency fluctuations that may affect the currency requirements for their business.

Example of transaction

Cost to Buy Euros
Current Provider (Rate 1.17) GBP£ 1,282,051.20
Hermex International (Rate 1.18) GBP£ 1,271,186.40
Total Savings for the company is GBP£ 10,864.80

Exporting steel and receiving foreign payments

Hermex International approached a company in the Steel industry to discuss the potential benefits of using our corporate currency services for their foreign exchange requirements. The company being a manufacturer of steel products for the Automotive, Aircraft and Machined Parts industries receives money from all over the world so has a need to exchange currency. Previously they used their bank to convert any payments received. Their requirements were quite specific because of clients paying them monthly in Dollars.

After a couple of rate comparisons with their bank it was clear to see that a substantial saving could be made by using Hermex International to exchange their currency so the company decided to test the water with their latest payment received.

Example of transaction

Their first trade was to sell USD$ 750,000
Company’s Bank Rate (Rate 1.5730) GBP£ 476,795.93
Hermex International Rate (Rate 1.55) GBP£ 483,870.96
Client Gain
GBP£ 7075.03

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