Important Things to do Before Expanding Your SME Abroad


According to a recent report by The Independent, a third of manufacturing firms plan to move some operations out of the UK before Brexit1. This is largely due to belief that the UK economy will be unstable, so businesses are looking to spread their wings further afield. The manufacturing industry is not the only one to suffer, with recruitment site Indeed reporting an 18% drop in EU applications for UK roles in general2. It’s no wonder then that SMEs are mapping out a new business plan which involves moving out of their home country. We’ve compiled some of the things you need to consider before you make that all-important move. (more…)

7 Tips on Choosing a Currency Provider


What you need from your reputable foreign currency provider largely depends on what type of business you operate. Some have excellent security protocols but are bad on rates; others excel at on-boarding but know nothing about after-sales care. We’ve compiled a list of essentials to get you started. (more…)

Hermex June Round-up


We’ve collated some of the biggest stories from the last month into a digestible round-up. Take a glance at what is affecting the pound, dollar and the wider scope of foreign currency exchange in just a few minutes. (more…)

Hard or soft Brexit? We weigh up how each will affect the pound

British flag Hermex

Formal Brexit negotiations were launched last week, where the UK government started to discuss our plans to exit the European Union.

The outcome of a `hard` or `soft` Brexit could rock the outlook of the economy, which in turn, could affect the strength of GBP exchange rates. An uncertainty hangs over us as to whether a deal will be decided, and if it will provide stability for our currency as we exit the EU. (more…)

What does Trump Tax mean for GBP/USD exchange?

Trump Tower

Goldman Sachs has adjusted its projections of Donald Trump’s tax reform plans, now forecasting a more modest corporate tax reduction to 28%, rather than the President’s campaign pledge of a 15% rate ¹ .The banking giant also modified its expectations for the timescale of these tax reforms, estimating they will be delivered in 2018 rather than this year. (more…)